About Me

Have you experienced anxiety, abuse, grief, life transitions, relationship breakdown, divorce or other challenges? 

I understand how difficult each one can be to deal with, but I also know that with the right help, you can move through each negative experience and come out the other side.


My name is Colleen and I am a qualified counsellor who specialises in supporting women with abuse, trauma and grief.  I also specialise in anxiety, stress and self-esteem.


In our consultations, I utilise proven therapeutic strategies to ensure that your sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs.  I aim to provide you with skills, techniques and strategies to help overcome those obstacles and barriers that hinder you from living your best life.


I have a real and genuine passion for helping people and you will find that I am empathetic and compassionate.  I help you to find new perspectives to explore and resolve your situation. Additionally, I help you discover hope, purpose and happiness.


I am an accredited member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), which means I provide confidential, professional counselling within the scope and ethics of one of Australia's largest Counselling associations.


I'm here to listen

Feel free to contact me and together we'll work to better your emotional well-being.