About Us

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As a qualified counsellor with a particular interest in supporting men and women with trauma, abuse and grief counselling, I am able to guide you with proven strategies to help overcome those obstacles and barriers that hinder you from living your best life.

I gained my qualification through the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and am an active professional member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Level 1.

In our consultations, you will find I focus on Solution Focused Therapy which looks at the issue with a clear and focussed perspective (sometimes hard to do on your own when it’s all-consuming), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which focuses on your thought patterns and behaviour and how these affect your emotions. Of course, every person and scenario is different, so I also utilise other proven strategies to ensure that our sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs.

I have a real and genuine passion for helping people. By nature I am empathetic and compassionate, but add to this my professional experience and I can also bring a new perspective to your issue, and will ask the right questions to help us pinpoint the issue (sometimes it’s not what you first think) and from there develop strategies to resolve the situation and help you discover hope, purpose and happiness.

I'm here to listen.

Feel free to contact me and together we'll work to better your emotional well-being.