Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia with one in four people, on average, experiencing it at some stage in their life.  So, if you suffer with anxiety, you are not alone and with the right support, you can overcome and deal with it.

Anxiety is very similar to fear - the main difference is that anxiety occurs in the absence of real danger.  You may feel that you are in danger, however, the reality is that you are not.

So, what is anxiety?  It is your body’s physical response to perceived threats.  Everyone gets anxious at some stage of their life and this is normal.  In fact, anxiety can be helpful in some situations and can also motivate you.  For example, if you have an exam to sit a little bit of anxiety can give you the energy to help get through it.

Anxiety can reveal itself in a range of forms, from stomach knots and nausea, to heart palpitations and sweats. While medication may be prescribed by your GP, anxiety can be reduced simply by applying new ways of thinking. Your thoughts can rule so much of your life, so when you can overcome situations that physically affect you, no matter how minor, you can empower yourself to achieve great things.

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